Ma'anshan City Jiancheng Occupational Training School (Training School) was established in 2009.

The Training School occupies
a) a four-storey building with approximately 1,700 square meters of construction area including offices and five 98-seat classrooms for theory training;
b) a multi-media classroom for safety knowledge training;
c) a 270-seat lecture hall for seminar conference;
d) two practice and examination workshops with total 6,437 square meters;
e) 6 items of heavy-duty equipment including tower cranes and a vertical lifter. The School also has 3 permanent staff and more than 60 part-time teachers, of which 13 are associate professors.

The Training School trains students in all major disciplines required for the construction industry, such as bricklayer, steel fixer, concreter, form worker, scaffolding worker, electrician, welder, crane operator and safety officer etc. The School also provides customized training regarding overseas project background, local country culture and basic language. The Training School is licensed by local government authorities to conduct accreditation examinations to international standards for employees at the end of their training program, as well as non-employees in various trades. This provides an additional revenue stream to the School. The School is also the intern practice base for Anhui Industrial University. Approximately 70% of the courses conducted by the Training School are short term (between 3 days to 2 weeks), with on-site accommodation.

From 2009 until the end of 2014, approximately 36,000 persons had been trained by the School, generating a large pool of skilled workers from across China from which JCI Group can draw. This pool of talent gives JCI Group a competitive edge for business growth.