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The following diagram illustrates JCI Group’s “one-stop” workforce subcontracting business model.

Under JCI Group’s one-stop workforce subcontracting model, the head contractor company/SOE provides the designed building drawings, building materials and equipment to JCI Group. JCI Group then utilizes its workforce to turn the building materials into completed works and then hands it over to the head contractor company/SOE by using JCI's project management operation system.

The workforce dispatched by JCI Group includes all levels required for a particular project, including labor, skilled worker, foreman, engineer, manager and executive. In this manner, the head contractor can devote more of their resources to other aspects of macro project management, such as financial control and engineering material optimization.

3 arms to the business

  • Provide the workforce for major construction projects;
  • Training provider for construction trades;
  • Accreditation testing in trades to international standards, for employees and non-employees.

Management of labour workforce for domestic and overseas projects in 3 ways:

  • Construction management and consultation roles;
  • Blue-collar workers who are employees of JC International;
  • Labour brokerage where specialised services are required.