Management's Message

Dear Friends,

It is very nice to welcome you on the internet, and know more about us!

JC International (JCI) is an energetic and rising service company based in mid-China. Thanks to its premium resources synergized and right policies, with nearly two decades of fast growth from zero, it has become one of China's leading workforce outsourcing service providers focusing more on the niche market of oversea engineering labour service projects sponsored and/ or contracted by Chinese companies, mainly State-Owned-Enterprise (SOEs). With Chinese government and its SOEs more active role to expand abroad via its national strategy of One Belt One Road etc, this niche market grows fast to around 39.1 billion Australian Dollars this year, in which JCI is well positioned to take the lead and grow along the fast track.

JCI worked out a tried-and-true business model well-adaptive to local project markets of various countries. This model stood firm with numerous challenges across the world, and made it possible for us to have successfully implemented a wide range of projects at excellent quality and competitive price, and bringing benefits to large communities in local.

Today, thousands of our people are serving around the world with our hard work and great craftsmanship. By taking this opportunity, we sincerely hope we could also be able to serve you and your organization, and co-build this our beautiful planet home hand by hand.

Thank you!

John (Yonghong) Tang
General Manager / Managing Director